Friday, May 9, 2014

Ellen Ferris and Sterling King Hixson - A Testimony to Posterity

As Father and Mother to our children and their spouses, and Grandfather and Grandmother to their children, we therefore are the Patriarch and Matriarch of our family. We have been married nearly 58 years and as of this date, our posterity numbers 35 with expected great grandchildren yet to be born. It has been our pleasure to have been in frequent contact with all of you over the years. We are proud of your accomplishments and the manner in which you have conducted your lives. We are happy that you are not of the world and its vices and problems, but have chosen to live honorably and to set worthwhile goals. Each of you have or eventually will become Patriarchs and Matriarchs of your own descendants. The responsibility is tremendous. We have sincerely tried to be examples for you, and as we approach the years when uncertainly of the length of our earthly existence is evident, we desire to express our thoughts and testimony. Having enjoyed our earthly life here on earth we ponder what scriptures have revealed that awaits us in the future if we abide by the commandments, especially if one of our lives is shortened and we have failed to live a basic commandment that would prevent progress in the hereafter. Salvation is based on merit and obedience to divine law and therefore is only obtained through compliance with divine commandments. These commandments can only be lived here on earth. It is our testimony that we are children of our Father in Heaven and it is our sincere desire that our descendants will be with us where ever we are so that we will always be a family together. Sterling and Ellen Hixson December 1, 1994

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